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A story of a lonely young child growing up in an isolated family from where she digs into her inner fantasy world. The adults who surround her doesn’t do anything to solve the unbearable life they are living, everybody is resigned. The mother hides behind her cigarette smoke, the grandmother is covered with her plants and the little girl tries to alleviate her depressing circumstances with her fantasy world. But as she dives deeper and deeper into herself, she realizes that everything that surrounds her is a part of her life, that she can not escape or hide from.

I’ve always had a thing for heavy children stories, mixed with some fantasy and magic. I wasn’t thinking in a narrative story at the beginning, but through the development it turned out i could best tell the story in that way. Tha main character is a little girl, who grows up in an emotionally toxic situation. Both her Mom and Grandmother hides themselves from the insulting father, whereas it doesn’t leave the girl much choice, but to follow the family pattern and go hiding. In this inner world, my intention was to mix the elements of the outside world, with the girl’s  imagination.

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